Health & Human Services Open Data Site

The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) is excited to offer this new Open data site in accordance with the Data Vic Access Policy. This site is a user friendly and interactive way to provide data for public use. DHHS is committed to building, curating and tailoring its data to make it most useful for the public.
NOTE: DHHS is still building up its repository of public facing data, so please bear with us.

How to Search and Download Data

Use the search textbox or the interactive map to discover data related to the topic that you have defined. Data is offered for download in several ways. First the data can be downloaded as shapefiles or KML for GIS applications, and CSV for tables and spreadsheets. Additionally, by using the API link, data from this site can be embedded in other applications with the feature service link or GeoJson. Subscribing to a datasets RSS Feed sends out notifications that the data has been updated. If you would like further information, click here.

Features of data

A textual description of the data including an overview of the data fields and their type is initially shown. Statistical information of the categories within the data fields is also displayed along with a tabular view of the data. Interaction with the data is available using the map along with a filtering option. Information and links relating to the data's metadata and conditions are also available. The datasets tags and related datasets are also made available for additional searches.

Data Use

This data has been made freely available for personal and commercial use, however it is bound by a Creative Commons License.